Real clients

Mark has been my accountant now for over twenty years, he is very easy to work with and he always gets the job done, well done Mark!
Tony C, July 2017

I contacted Mark as I needed help completing and reviewing my self assessment tax returns. Mark was very helpful and gave me peace of mind with my self assessment tax returns. This involved analysing pension contributions, higher rate tax relief and child benefit for those earning between £50,000 and £60,000. Mark analysed all relevant documents and then emailed me with guidance and then called me afterwards giving me reassurance on my tax returns. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. Professional, punctual and excellent communication.
Dylan M, May 2017

Mark has been extremely helpful to my growing business, giving knowledgeable guidance in a low-key way, always generous with time and advice, and never failing to respond to queries.
Sam S, September 2016

Mark has been my accountant for numerous years and he does a wonderful job of steering me in the right direction and keeping HMRC happy so I can concentrate on my primary focus – my clients!
Paul S, July 2016.

Polite, friendly and very helpful. I intuitively felt Mark is about long term relations rather than quick wins.
Giles C, April 2016.

I can fully recommend Mark Bijok Accountants, I have worked with him for several years and I’ve always been more than satisfied with his services.
He is professional, knowledgeable and efficient. He is always on hand for advice and offers extremely competitive rates. Do not hesitate to work with him, you’ll be more than pleased. Great work.
Nick S, March 2016.

I can’t praise you and your work enough, anyone that has had the pleasure of working with you will say the same.
Leah H, August 2015.

Mark has always made time for us at various stages of our company’s growth. He is always just a phone call away and always happy to assist with even the smallest queries.  We are made to feel that we are not just his clients but also his friends.
Martin D, August 2015.

You have looked after my business well since I started even though it is small yo have given excellent service.
Wendy A, August 2015.

I have been using Marks services for year, I have always found him to be polite, reliable, knowledgeable and on time.  Mark offers a first class service.
Martin G, August 2015.

Mark, once again thanks very much for sorting out my tax return so quickly and efficiently. It is one less thing I have to worry about.
Jon D, March 2015.

Mark Bijok is a first class accountant. He has done me proud over the years. He also has a friend of mine as a client and he is also happy with the service Mark provides. Mark is very professional and very approachable. So if you are self employed or a business owner and looking for a first class accountant give Mark Bijok a call.
Martin G, June 2014.

For exemplary service and excellent professionalism. Bijok Accountants have helped enormously in putting my accounts back on track.
Darren H, June 2012.

Bijok Accountants – Good understandable advice given at the start up of my business. Many thanks.
Scott S, March 2012.

I have used Mark Bijok Accountants for many years, they offer a fantastic service, friendly approach and make everything seem very easy. I would recommend to anyone you won’t be disappointed!
Tamasin T, February 2012.

Mark has been my accountant since 2004. He and his colleagues have always shown remarkable tolerance and patience in reminding me of deadlines and explaining what is needed. He is always helpful and reliable, essential for me as I don’t like numbers. And his charges are very reasonable!
Liz W, February 2012.

After despairing with my vastly overpriced accountants in Islington, I chanced upon Bijok Accountants, who have simplified the whole accounting process, so that I understood what was going on, and charged me much less for the pleasure, so it has to be said, it was a wise decision! I wish them all the success they deserve.
Bill L, February 2012.

We have used Mark Bijok for several years to prepare our annual accounts, make the Companies House annual return and generally help with all accounts and Sage queries. He is always happy to help either with a meeting, telephone call or email and explains the intricacies of accounting in a very logical way. We would recommend him to any business.
Kathryn R, February 2012.

Excellent service, simplifies things for you and helps you understand the complex world of mind-numbing number crunching. And whats more, manages to save me much more than I could for myself. Highly recommended and will be using Mark Bijok for all my accounting needs for the foreseeable future.
Sam M, February 2012.

A very efficient, friendly and professional company, they go above and beyond to deliver a personal service. They take the stress and anxiety out of filing your taxes. I recommend them highly.
Lara M, February 2012.

Mark has been doing the accounts etc. for my various interests for years – I don’t recall how many as my records no longer go back that far – but suffice to say he had more hair then! I just wouldn’t think of changing. Tried a couple of others before his time but neither could hold a candle to him! In addition he’s an all-round good bloke – who even gets his own round in if you have a beer with him – an incredible thing to say of an accountant!
Colin B, February 2012.

I’ve been using Mark as my accountant since I went freelance in 2007… despite the fact that I’m based in Nottingham! He was my dad’s accountant for years before that and I wanted to keep that connection going. I’m a hopeless case when it comes to numbers, but Mark has always made everything really straightforward and I always feel able to contact him with queries. An excellent service.
Kate T, February 2012.

We have been with Mark Bijok Accountants for 4 years. I have always found Mark Bijok Accountants to friendly, helpful and informative in regards to what we have done, or to what we may like or need to do for the future.
Andy S, February 2012.

Mark Bijok has been our accountant for over ten years and has really helped us out on many occasions. If you want an accountant you can rely on then look no further. The service and performance are great and nothing is too much trouble.
Rob R, January 2012.

I have used mark for 7 years, his fee’s are great compared with my previous accountants!! On top of producing my accounts, Mark, over the years has given me a better understanding of my business, and he has shown an interest in expanding it with some great ideas and a lot of help to fulfil them. I could not have grown my business so successfully without him.
Tim B, January 2012.

I first met Mark Bijok nine years ago at a time when he was looking after my Father’s accounts whereas I was having a hard time with another accountant. Mark took my accounts on and very quickly stabilised what had been previously done and provided ample advice and support in subsequent submissions. I can’t rate him and his services highly enough and whilst I have relocated 200+ miles away, I still insist on Mark looking after my accounts because he knows exactly what is going on and is always available for a chat and some well informed guidance.
Gerard G, November 2011.

We have been using Bijok Accountants since we started our business in ‘98/’99. We have been very happy with his services. He is always there when we need help and he is definitely dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s. We keep using him because he is always available to us. Even when he is out of the office we can contact him on his mobile. A big or a small question; we feel that we are never too much trouble for him. I also like the personal level. We’re on first name terms, which I like. He is just a very nice and all-round good guy. He has been very good with business advice and looks through our books once a year but whenever I have a question in between about money coming in or not coming in I just call him. He is very good at advice but he never enforces. He points us in the right direction but doesn’t query our decisions. I believe in him so much that I have recommended him to other people as well.
Teresa H, November 2011.

Mark has been our accountant for about 15 years. We have great confidence in Mark Bijok providing us with good Accountancy services throughout. The service we receive is personal; we can just pick up the phone and talk to him. He knows who I am and what I am talking about. Our business has changed quite a lot over the years and he has been great in advising us and helping us with the changes that the business has made.
Vicky S, November 2011.

I have been using Mark Bijok Accountants for about 22 years now. And over all these years I have been more than happy with his service. He is always very prompt, he chases me when I need chasing, and he reminds me when I need reminding. I do my day-to-day bookkeeping; I have a bookkeeper that does the month to month, Bijok Accountants do the PAYE and personal tax returns and VAT.
Steve D, November 2011.

I have been using Bijok Accountants for the last 10 years. I use Bijok Accountants because they are a ‘not too big’ accountancy office. I am not a number. I can just pick up the phone and speak to Mark at any time of the day. I do my own bookkeeping and then hand everything in to him. He wraps it all up for me. He has a very good team that support him.
Jeremy A, November 2011.

I have used Mark Bijok for about 4 years now for my accounts and I find him absolutely excellent. He is absolutely spot-on; he does what I ask him to do. He produces all the papers on time. Very importantly he always has an open door. You can just pop in and have a chat with him. He really is an excellent accountant. I do my general day-to-day bookkeeping myself and I do my own VAT returns but he does the end of year tax returns, he generates the payslips for the business and he generally makes sure we are covered with National Insurance and tax. We were recently in the process of moving and my mortgage company asked all sorts of things and he has given them all the information they needed which was absolutely brilliant.
Angie L, November 2011.